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This page used to include various reviews on database books I have used over the years. As I have recently completed co-authoring a book on database theory myself (contributing, amongst other things, a chapter on LEAP), it is perhaps now unfair to cast my opinions on these books to the world. I have therefore removed my reviews, and now include only links to books that may be of interest. Amazon links are included, and most books will include unbiased reviews there.

 "Theory and Practice of Relational Databases", 2nd Edition, by Stefan Stanczyk, Bob Champion and Richard Leyton, Softback ISBN: 0415247020, Hardback ISBN: 0415247012, Taylor and Francis, 2001.

The study of relational databases is a core component of virtually every undergraduate computer science degree course. This textbook aims to present a comprehensive explanation of the process of development of database application systems within the framework of a set processing paradigm.

The first edition of Theory and Practice of Relational Databases provided a comprehensive introductory text to the process of developing database applications. This new and substantially revised edition follows the same tutorial-style format. It is rich with examples, questions and worked problems. It starts with data modelling and progresses through the fundamental concepts of relational databases, normalisation and relational algebra. A comprehensive description of the database language SQL is included. Supported by numerous illustrations, this section leads us through the algebraic operations and optimisations that lead to proficiency in SQL programming.

The object-orientation paradigm has been steadily attracting database researchers and application developers. This edition covers the modeling techniques, structural properties and programming principles of the paradigm as they apply to databases.

The book culminates in a detailed case study which brings together the examples and principles as a whole. An associated website contains an open-source and freely available database management system and provides additional information and links to further reading.

Theory and Practice of Relational Databases is an essential text for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the computer sciences, database practitioners and anyone with an interest in database development.

Order the Softback Edition.

Order the Hardback Edition.

  Other texts

  C.J.Date, "An introduction to Database Systems" (6th Edition), Addison-Wesley, 1995, ISBN 0-201-82458-2

  Readings in Database Systems (Joe Hellerstein, Michael Stonebraker) - Possibly a more up to date version?

See also the references section of for referenced books and texts on database theory.



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