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This page contains links to related web sites and pages regarding LEAP. The information is divided into the following categories:

Free Database Management Systems
Commercial Database Management Systems
LEAP Links
General Database related sites
Linux Links
Interesting/Miscellaneous Sites
Fun Stuff

Free Database Management Systems

Database management systems that can be downloaded and used for free. Wahay!

LEAP. (GPL) Just in case you stumbled on this page without seeing the main site!!!
Ingres - University Ingres - One of the first implementations of relational theory.
Postgres - Original Version - University of California at Berkeley; PostreSQL - Heavily publicised DBMS that has a huge following
GNU RDBMS (GPL)- Beta release software.
MySQL - Free version of MSQL.

Comercial Database Management Systems

What do you mean, you want to pay for software and not get the source code, then have to rely on paying support from the companies which isn't very responsive, yet you don't like the idea of having the source code which you can modify yourself to fix those problems?

Okay, I know, I know... Here you go.

Sybase - IMNSHO the best commercial RDBMS out there.
Sybase FAQ - Frequently asked questions and answers on Sybase
Oracle - Very popular RDBMS
Ingres - Computer Associates RDBMS offering.
DB2 - IBM's RDBMS offering.
MSQL - Free for educational and non-commercial use, but at a price for all others.
Microsoft Access

LEAP Links

These pages have linked to the LEAP web site. Check them out for many varied and interesting links.

Contact me here, if you would like to have your site added.

Spanish Linux related web site.
Moscow University Internet References
University of Massachusetts, Amherst - Database Systems Lab.
Linux applications (German)
Linux list
School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Oxford Brookes University.

General Database Sites

These pages are of general interest to the Database user.

Yahoo! UK & Ireland - Database Software with a focus on the British Isles. Spot the only British RDBMS... :)
Yahoo! - Database Software
University of Massachusetts, Amherst - Database Systems Lab.
Catalogue of free databases - List of all free RDBMS.

Linux Sites

These pages link to the various pieces of software I use for the development of LEAP, on this outstanding collaborative effort (Linux that is!)

Linux - What do you mean you've never heard of Linux?
Cygnus Solutions - Producers of superb Development software, and supporters of the GNU effort.
SAL - Scientific applications on Linux - A great repository of Linux software.
GNU - Ok, so GNU's not Linux, and Linux is not GNU, but GNU is not Unix, and GNU is not to be missed.
Linux Journal - The journal of the Linux community.

Interesting/Miscellaneous Sites

This section are sites I consider to be generally interesting. They bear no relation to LEAP in particular.

FourFusion - Freelance Web Designers - The Great guys who put this site together.
Demon Internet - My ISP
The birthplace of LEAP - Oxford Brookes University's School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences
British Computing Society
Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)
comp.databases.theory; comp.databases;; comp.os.linux.announce; - Newsgroups where announcements regarding LEAP are always made.
Dejanews - Damn fine Usenet search engine
Yahoo - Damn fine (catergorised) search engine.
Altavista - Damn fine search engine
Technosphere - A wonderful idea - You create your own creature who wonders the virtual world doing everything a real world animal does...
The Independent - Quality UK newspaper
Spamming is getting out of control... Help stamp it out.
Leyton Consulting Limited - My new venture.

Fun Stuff

It's not all work, work, work...

Dilbert - If you're not a Dilbert reader, what have you been doing all this time!!!
The Funkin' Jamiroquai site - maintained by a good friend of mine - David Rowe
Total Video Games - Much of it authored by a friend.

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