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There are several ways to contact myself on the subject of LEAP.

1. There is moderated mailing list for discussion of all aspects of LEAP.
2. You can also contact me directly, ive provided the details below.
Reporting a Bug.

If something odd occurs in LEAP, please take the time out to send me an email explaining the problem.

Not reporting a bug may well mean it goes unfixed. I'd rather receive 20 reports of a single bug than none at all.

Please do make sure though that it is a bug, and not a "feature". If possible, include with your comments on the bug, the following:

LEAP 1.2 - The output of running leap with the --debug flag (or 'set debug on').
LEAP 1.2 - Make sure you run leap with "-a file" to spool the output to file. Alternatively, use the Unix script command to record all shell activity.
Any source files/relations referenced during the error. (LEAP 1.2 users - if possible reverse the database in question)
Any other files/information that you feel may be contributing to the problem.
Please compress the files into one archive first with pkzip or tar/gzip/compress.

I welcome any investigation you conduct, or fixes you produce. However, a context diff on it's own is not much help. Please be sure to explain what you believe you have fixed, and why you think it is a bug.



I can be contacted by sending e-mail to:

I am always happy to hear from people regarding any aspect of LEAP. I do endevour to reply to all e-mail relatively promptly.

I'm currently running my own venture Leyton Consulting, and may be e-mailed via

PLEASE NOTE: I (obviously) do not wish to receive unsolicited commercial e-mail (aka spam).

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