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  Linux 2.0

LEAP comes in a few different shapes and sizes, this page contains many links for downloading the current version.

Main Distribution
Windows Distribution
If all else fails....

NEW! A General download site, containing all the current distributions, is now available at sourceforge.


Check the bugs page for known issues with each version

Main Distribution

This is the latest version of LEAP. The distribution does not contain a binary, so you will need an ANSI C compiler. I suggest the GNU C compiler (gcc), because it is both free, very good, and the program I used in development. However, most Unix supplied C compilers do compile LEAP with no problems. You may have to enable certain options to compile ANSI code (rather than K&R).

I have compiled and run LEAP on the following systems: Linux (gcc), Solaris (gcc and the standard cc), SunOS (gcc), and Windows (gcc under Cygnus). I know it runs (from notifications I have received) on: Linux, Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX, Ultrix, IRIX, AIX, OSF1, BeOS, Free BSD, and Windows 95, Windows NT.

LEAP contains a configuration script which should enable it to be compiled on any Unix system. On PC systems you'll need to create a defines.h - One is included here for your use. You will also need to set the define HAVE_CONFIG_H.

Search FTP sites for the nearest LEAP location (Recommended)
Search the Linux archives: (Recommended)
Demon Personnel Web Server

Other Download Locations

UK & Rest of Europe (Demon Internet FTP):
UK & Rest of Europe (Sunsite FTP):
North America (Sunsite FTP or HTTP):
North America ( FTP):

The servers are often busy, so if you cant download keep trying.

LEAP (209352 bytes) - Released on 21st September 1999. FTP availability will increase over time as files are placed by maintainers:
LEAP 1.3 will be the next development version, expect it when you see it.

Windows Distribution

Firstly, a plug - for Windows and DOS users, take a look at Linux as a free alternative. It supports a wide range of software, is entirely free, and isn't lining Bill Gate's pockets. Get on the back of your sysadmin to consider it, and think about installing it on your home box to get the most from your machine. Ok, end of the plug/preach!

Windows has never included a 'C' compiler as is almost standard on Unix machines. Therefore, with the Cygnus port of the GNU development utilities, a 32-bit console binary is available:

Search FTP sites for the nearest WinLEAP location (Recommended)
Demon Personnel Web Serer (FTP or HTTP)

Several things of note:

Special Windows installation notes: Unzip LEAP, then in the src directory, run runme.bat - which builds the databases necessary.
It now includes Curt Hill's WinLEAP, a GUI front-end to the Cygnus port of LEAP, that runs on Windows 95/98/ME/NT
It supports all of the functionality in the Unix distribution of the same version number.

LEAP 1.2.5 Windows 95/NT console binary ( (552599 bytes) or (Simtel distribution - 552651 bytes)

If all else fails...

I used to offer to send distributions via e-mail. No longer (I have a dial-up connection at home, and have large enough phone bills as it is, thanks). Talk to your Systems Administrator for ftp access, or use a web browser to download. If firewalls get in the way, see your SA. Buying them a nice mug of fancy coffee, or saying what a great job they do invariably works wonders.

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